The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (2017)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2017)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2017)

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: The Confusing

Last year, the Sony hack attack showed how confused the studio execs were about the whole Amazing Spider-Man franchise (and shared universe). So, obviously, the question which rose in every fan’s mind was: is Amazing Spider-Man 3 still happening? Or did the studio scratch all its plans for this franchise?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2017)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2017)

Well, we can say that the marketing campaign for the second installment of the rebooted franchise was a pretty fierce one, with countless clips and trailers being aired prior the release of the film, as well as many other publicity stunts. Without any argue, the studio execs had a pretty good plan in mind for everything concerning the web crawler.

Thus, Amazing Spider-Man 3 received a release date for 2016, with a planned 4th installment in 2018, even before Peter Parker donned the suit for the second time. In between, Sony planned for an all-villain release, with the Sinister Six scheduled for 2017. Obviously, the sky was the limit from here on, since the emails released after the hack attack also showed an interest for Aunt May, who was supposed to get her own movie (or series), as well as for the villainous Venom.

But these plans were abruptly ended. First, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t exactly shatter the box-office. Granted, it cannot be said that it was a flop, with about $700 million gathered worldwide. Furthermore, the critics’ response prompted the delay of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018.

Then it was the hack attack, which ended with what seemed to be the firing of the main star Andrew Garfield, who was (reportedly) pretty upset with how the film was made. According to him, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a mess because the studio interfered in the creative process.

So who are we to trust? Marvel seems to have the upper hand right now, being in the final stages of securing an actor for their own version of Spider-Man. Can Sony pull it off and actually release the Amazing Spider-Man 3? And if it does so, wouldn’t this confuse the fans even more?

Before director Marc Webb left the franchise and before the writing team decided to say pass, the plan was the have the return of Norman Osborn in the Amazing Spider-Man 3 film. It would have been something to see, since the character died during the events of the second film.

Furthermore, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was riddled with hints about a sequel – from setting the Sinister Six to Peter Parker discovering the truth about his father, it was all there, ready to be further explored.

The last piece of news concerning Amazing Spider-Man 3 came about 5 months ago, when the studio was still searching for a main cast (this was before the announcement that Marvel will make its own version of the web crawler). Since then, it was total silence.

The studio hasn’t revealed anything any more about the whole Spider-Man shared universe. There are big question marks concerning Spider-Man, as well as Sinister Six (who was supposed to be released next year, in 2016).

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise has managed to divide the fans in two – those who absolutely hate it, and those who love it. As said, it would be interesting to see how everything develops and if Sony will reboot (yet again) the franchise. As the rumors went, Amazing Spider-Man 3 was also supposed to be the last film featuring Peter Parker, ushering the coming of Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

And this would have been a more than welcomed change. And it would have made total sense – Marvel producing a Peter Parker centered franchise and Sony producing a Miles Morales one.

For the moment, nothing is certain as far as Sony’s plans are concerned. But the fans can still rejoice, though, since they will still get a version of the web crawler, when Marvel releases Spider-Man in 2017, on the 28th of July.

If we are to believe that Sony will go ahead with the Amazing Spider-Man 3, then 2018 will bring a second version of the web crawler. As said, this studio hasn’t given any details about their plans for Spidey, so this is all that we have: 2018, without a certain month and a certain release day.