The A-Team


The A-Team has been announced for release in 2010, which brought some cheers and some jeers from movie fans. Bradley Cooper has agreed to star in the film as ‘Faceman’ and Bruce Willis is also rumored as Hannibal Smith. Reports are also suggesting Mr.T could make an appearance in the upcoming movie.

The plot is the same as the hit TV show, as a group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed. They cleverly substituted ‘Iraq’ for ‘Vietnam’ vets, which makes the plot more relevant to today’s generation.

Also rumored to be in the 2010 movie is Woody Harrelson as ‘Murdock’ and Common as ‘B.A Baracus’ .. the modern version of Mr.T

Update : UFC contender, and one time champion, Rampage Jackson is play the role of Mr. T’s character.

Release Date

June 11th 2010


Bradley Cooper, Bruce Willis, Common, Woody Harrelson

Our Take

Forgive me for being negative for another 80’s tv show being made into a movie, I just had the displeasure of watching Land Of The Lost. Without any of the original cast of the TV series, there’s no connection for us mid 30’s crowd to see this movie, we have nothing in common.

I don’t see The A-Team 2010 being anything but a lame attempt at a war movie, with a little bit of slapstick comedy thrown in along the way. I’ll be surprised if Bruce Willis sticks with this project, and we’ll keep you updated on this movie.


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