The 5th Quarter (2011)


The 5th Quarter is about a mentally challenged (Canadian) child trying to learn math. There are only FOUR quarters in football. What a moron.

Apparently, the film is really about a high school kid who is killed in a car accident, and his brother goes on to honor his memory by winning at football. The deceased boy’s organs were donated to five people, so his brother starts wearing the number five, his parents sit the fifth section, and he holds up five fingers before the fourth quarter of his games. The team goes on to win a record 11 games that season and go to the Orange Bowl. It’s just so uplifting.

The Scoop

First thing to take note of is this is supposedly not a Lifetime movie. It’s actually supposed to be released in theaters. This is director Rick Bieber’s second film as a director, but he did produce Radio Flyer, which is my favorite film about children making flying machines to escape from abuse. Well, second favorite after Inception. I may not have understood that film.

On a related note, there is apparently no relation between Rick Bieber and Justin Bieber. Get it? Related note? Relation? High FIVE!!!!


Who’s It For?

No rating yet, but likely G or PG.


Movie Release Date

March 2011, Limited.

Who’s In It?

Andie MacDowell … Maryanne Abbate
Aidan Quinn … Steven Abbate
Ryan Merriman … Jon Abbate
Andrea Powell … Bonnie
Jillian Batherson … Hailey Scott

Related Movies

Saving Private Ryan, Unleashed, Popeye, The Last Airbender, (I’m just listing movies now), oh, and The Da Vinci Code.

Alright, for reals, it’s like Friday Night Lights and Remember the Titans. Cause of the football thing. And that one with James Van Der Beek.

What’s Good About It?

It’s uplifting, so the acting the trailer is forgivable.

What’s Bad About It?

I’ve changed my mind. The acting is unforgivable. UNFORGIVABLE. Oh… I can’t stay mad at you, acting. I forgive you. FORGIVABLE.

Our Clever Prediction

Limited release of what is essentially a Lifetime movie? BOMB.

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