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Now You See Me (2013)

now you see me

Now You See Me is an action crime thriller about a group of magicians who rob banks and give away the money to their audiences like modern day Robin Hoods. But perhaps there’s more to the story… It seems there may be more at play here than simply robbing banks, and perhaps that’s part of their illusion. There isn’t a ... Read More »

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the second film in the Hunger Games series. This time the tributes come from past winners, meaning Katniss must reenter the Hunger Games. I read the Hunger Games books, and they just got dumber and dumber. Basically the idea here is that the evil Capitol isn’t happy that Katniss is spreading dissent and has become ... Read More »

Rampart (2011)

Rampart is a gritty police drama set in the 1990s, and centers on a police officer who is suspected of a whole lot of bad behavior, even as he tries to survive the mean streets and take care of his family. Read More »

The A-Team

The A-Team has been announced for release in 2010, which brought some cheers and some jeers from movie fans. Bradley Cooper has agreed to star in the film as ‘Faceman’ and Bruce Willis is also rumored as Hannibal Smith. Reports are also suggesting Mr.T could make an appearance in the upcoming movie. The plot is the same as the hit ... Read More »