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Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home is the new Will Ferrell comedy, that also reunites him with Mark Wahlberg. It’s the second time Ferrell and Wahlberg have done a movie together,  The Other Guys was their previous piece of comedy that did pretty well at the box office. Daddy’s Home is about a ‘nerdy’ radio executive (Ferrell) who is trying to win the hearts of his wife’s ... Read More »

The Campaign (2012)

The Campaign is a new comedy starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as rivals running against one another in a Congressional election. Read More »

Three Mississippi (2012)

Three Mississippi is a sports comedy about a pair of guys from rival towns who hold an annual tackle football game for bragging rights. Read More »

New ‘Megamind’ Trailer

Megamind may, or may not be, the biggest animation in 2010, but I like the new trailer. Read More »

The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys is a buddy cop comedy in the style of Anchorman and Step Brothers. Star Will Ferrell is once again teaming up with director Adam McKay to bring you a retarded character that is less funny every time they make one. Read More »

King Dork (2011)

King Dork is apparently a biopic of my life, from conception (ewww) through my death, which should be a total twist (it turns out I was a ghost the whole time!) If this turns out to not be the plot of the film, then it may be an adaptation of Frank Portman novel of the same name, which is somewhat ... Read More »

Megamind (2010)

For me, Megamind is one of the most exciting and promising animations of 2010. I’m really looking forward to this satirical take on superhero movies. Read More »

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is a long running, live comedy show, based around a series of short skits and hosted by a celebrity. The Scoop Over 34 seasons, the essential format of this show hasn’t changed: Get an A-list guest host (or reasonable facsimile) and throw him or her into sketches with the ensemble players, which have included such heavy hitters ... Read More »