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Top Gun 2: Val Kilmer is back as Iceman!

Breaking news for Tog Gun 2 movie today! Val Kilmer is coming back as Iceman. Kilmer updated his rather lame facebook page last night, breaking the news…according to his status he will join Tom Cruise in the Top Gun Sequel. Francis Ford Coppola is apparently going to direct and Jerry Bruckheimer to produce this new action flick.. Kilmer Posted : “I just got offered ... Read More »

Oblivion (2013)


Oblivion is a science fiction action adventure film about a veteran soldier in the future who is tasked with repairing military drones that protect humanity from aliens who war in the sky. Read More »

Rock of Ages (2012)

Rock Of Ages Movie 2012 Tom Cruise

This movie preview brings you the latest on Rock of Ages, which brings the thunder to filmed musicals. When I say ‘brings the thunder,’ I don’t really know what I mean. I’ve been saying it a lot lately. The film follows a couple who fall in love at a Sunset Strip rock club but are torn apart by their rock ... Read More »

The Hardy Men (2013)

Those of us who grew up just before the computer invasion remember The Hardy Boys, the wonderful novels that inspired our minds. The Hardy Men is a continuation of that series, starring two huge names. Read More »

New Mission Impossible 4 Pictures

Tom Cruise personally sent me some new Mission Impossible 4 pictures, because he loves me, we go back a long ways. Read More »

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protcol (2011)

Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find a reason for another Mission Impossible movie. Oh, you chose not to accept it. Crap. This never happens. We just wastes millions of taxpayer’s dollars developing a destructible message, since paper which you can burn would never work, and now you’re not accepting? Anyways, Mission: Impossible IV is yet ... Read More »

Knight & Day (2010)

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in this romantic comedy/adventure about a woman who gets caught up with a spy, and is taken along for the journey of a lifetime. The film doesn’t stray away from the Tom Cruise comfort zone too far, he likes to play the spy, hero in all his roles. And for Diaz, playing the damsel ... Read More »