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The Justice League (2017) Part 1

The Justice League Part One The Justice League Part One is the first DC and Warner Bros film to unite all the DC superheroes under one banner. The news was out last October, when The Justice League Part One was announced as one of the 9 movies scheduled for release until 2020. Obviously, since the release date is in late ... Read More »

Shazam! (2016) – The Rock as the Villainous Black Adam!

Shazam! is a new DC superhero film about a young orphaned boy who is selected by a wizard to become a superhero when he utters the word, “SHAZAM!” Billy Batson is an angry young kid. He’s an orphan and pretty much nothing has ever gone his way. If the film adheres to the latest comic book depiction of Batson, he’ll ... Read More »

Hercules: The Thracian Wars starring The ROCK!

Hercules: The Thracian Wars is a new take on the legendary Greek hero, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson filling the boots of the most powerful of the Greek demi-god. I already wrote a preview of this version of Hercules a few years back, but that was supposed to come out in 2011, and possibly star Vin Diesel. Fortunately, that didn’t ... Read More »

Empire State (2013)

Empire State is a crime thriller about an armored car guard who is targeted by a police detective who believes he may be the culprit in a crime where $8 million dollars went missing. It seems from the trailer that the guard isn’t all that innocent, but there’s more to it than that. First, the guard was first trying to ... Read More »

Snitch (2013)

Snitch is an action movie starring The Rock as a father/truck driver who goes under for the DEA to help free his son from prison. The son was set up (probably) to take the fall for a drug deal and is looking at a minimum of 10 years in prison unless he turns informant, which for some reason the son ... Read More »

Pain & Gain (2013)

Pain & Gain is based on a true story of bodybuilders getting involved in a kidnapping that goes wrong. Probably steroid-based confusion. Read More »

GI Joe 2: Retaliaton (2012)

GI Joe 2 is likely the funniest idea for a movie ever. First, it’s a sequel to the horrible GI Joe. Second, it’s being directed by Jon M. Chu, who directed a Justin Bieber documentary and some Step Up movies. Funniest IDEA EVER. Oh, the full title is GI Joe 2: ‘Retaliation’ and not ‘Cobra Strikes’ now…. so that should be ... Read More »

Movie news for X-Men, Total Recall, Narnia, and more!

The Rock’s next role revealed, a new Green Lantern pic, the next possible Narnia movie isn’t what you’d expect, Rise of the Apes jumps through time, Total Recall looks at some total babes, and a new pic from X-Men: First Class. Read More »

Fast Five Update with pictures

Just wanted to push this out there to all the fans of the Fast & Furious movies. *crickets*. There are a bunch of new movie details for this 2011 movie that you’ll want to check out. Read More »

Fast Five (2011)

Good news for you Fast & Furious fans, another sequel was recently announced for this franchise. This time around, our two main characters (Dominic & Brian) are on the run. Fast Five is the newest film in the Fast & Furious franchise, because the world can’t get enough Vin Diesel, Paul Walker or fast cars that sound like lawnmowers. Read More »

Faster (2010)

An ex-con (The Rock) is out to avenge his brother’s death after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. Read More »

Tooth Fairy

‘The Rock’ stars in this 2010 Comedy about a man who has to fulfill the role of the Tooth Fairy for one week. That’s right, The Rock is now a Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairy Trailer [youtube][/youtube] Tooth Fairy A bad deed on the part of a tough minor-league hockey player (Johnson) results in an unusual sentence: He must serve one ... Read More »

Tooth Fairy

When a pro hockey player, nicknamed the Tooth Fairy for his ability to knock out other players’ teeth, dashes the hopes of a young boy, he is ordered to one week’s hard labor as the real Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairy A bad deed on the part of a tough minor-league hockey player (Johnson) results in an unusual sentence: He must ... Read More »