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Movie news for Priest, The Avengers, Immortals, and Captain America

Flying Brian Banana Hammock April 26, 2011 Comments Off

Not a ton of news, but there is an early look at the trailer for Immortals (which I now think will rock all kinds of awesome), a pic from the set of The Avengers,

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Movie news for Green Lantern, Thor, The Hobbit, Priest, and more!

Flying Brian Banana Hammock April 12, 2011 Comments Off

New pics of Green Lantern and Thor, a new Priest trailer, a little Hobbit news that could be cool, and I let you in on a little secret from the future

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Movie News for Superman, Wolverine, The Dark Knight Rises, and more!

Flying Brian Banana Hammock April 11, 2011 Comments Off

A handful of posters for your enjoyment, including Pirates, Bridesmaids, Cedar Rapids, and Priest. A tiny little clip of an ape from Rise of the Planet of the Apes (worst title ever), a trailer

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Movie News for Thor, Pirates, Water for Elephants, and Arnold!

Flying Brian Banana Hammock March 7, 2011 Comments Off

Videos for Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, and Water for Elephants, Arnie has a few film options available to him, Scream, Thor and Priest posters, and some Conan photos

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Movie news and corrections, baby!

Flying Brian Banana Hammock January 12, 2011 Comments Off

There’s a fair bit of stuff so far today. Oh, and only ONE entry in the contest? Screw you guys

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Priest (2011)

Flying Brian Banana Hammock September 1, 2010 1

Priest tells the story of a warrior priest in a post apocalyptic world who goes out in search of his kidnapped niece. Kidnapped, of course, by VAMPIRES!

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