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Wuthering Heights (2012)

Wuthering Heights is the latest adaptation of the classic novel by Emily Bronte. The story follows a young boy who is adopted by a rich English family only to be thrown out for his ‘wildness’ and comes back to win back his love and get revenge. Read More »

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Cloud Atlas is a collection of various tales spanning time from the 1850s to a post apocalyptic future. The story is based on a 2004 novel by David Mitchell. Read More »

Thor Movie Preview and Trailer

Fans of the Norse superhero Thor will get their moment to cheer when the Thor Movie hits theaters in May . The Thor movie is taking some huge chances here by casting a rather unknown commodity in Chris Hemsworth as the lead Nordic Superhero. Since the movie is right around the corner, I’m bumping our Thor preview again since we ... Read More »

The Other Woman (2011)

The Other Woman follows a mistress turned wife and her contentious relationship with her new stepson. It’s sad, then… Happy! Not to be confused with the other The Other Woman, which is an Eli Roth produced horror film about a scorned mistress who sends a videotape later to… I don’t know, be crazy? Women be always doin stuff an I ... Read More »

Your Highness (2011)

Your Highness tells the story of two brothers, one a valiant knight who rescues fair maidens and fights dragons, while the other is his little brother, who mostly drinks and smokes a lot. When the kingdom is in need the brothers set out on a quest, where the younger brother may prove his worth. Read More »

No Strings Attached (2011)

The Untitled Ivan Reitman Project is now known as No Stings. I was once titled ‘Friends with Benefits’ before that was taken by another film, and has been rumored to be called “F**k Buddies.” Read More »

Black Swan

A thriller that homes in on the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and a rival. Black Swan is getting a lot of press lately because both the sexy stars of the film (Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman) get naked in the film. Black Swan Director Darren Aronofsky has admitted he convinced both sexy stars to have sex with each ... Read More »