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The Loft (2013)

The Loft is a horror film about… a loft. Well, actually it’s about 5 guys who decide to all pitch in and rent a loft together where they can take their mistresses. DAMNIT. They read my diary! Cause I do that. With all da bitches… N’ hoes. N’ stuff… Right, so the guys are all good buddies, naturally, and they ... Read More »

Dredd (2012)


Dredd is a new take on Judge Dredd, this time with less Stallone. The movie is a remake of Judge Dredd, minus all the idiocy Stallone brought to the character, if that is possible. Read More »

Priest (2011)

Priest tells the story of a warrior priest in a post apocalyptic world who goes out in search of his kidnapped niece. Kidnapped, of course, by VAMPIRES! Read More »

And Soon the Darkness (2011)

And Soon the Darkness is a horror film following two young women bicycling through Argentina when one disappears. The other must fight to survive not only the wilderness, but also the murder on her trail. Read More »