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Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman Movie Poster

Aquaman – the Movie Aquaman is the 6th film announced by Warner Bros and DC to arrive on the big screens until 2020. The announcement was made last year, in October, with Jason Momoa set to play the titular character. However, this wasn’t the first time when Warner Bros attempted to make a movie about the King of the Seven ... Read More »

The Justice League (2017) Part 1

The Justice League Part One The Justice League Part One is the first DC and Warner Bros film to unite all the DC superheroes under one banner. The news was out last October, when The Justice League Part One was announced as one of the 9 movies scheduled for release until 2020. Obviously, since the release date is in late ... Read More »

Bullet in the Head (2012)

The film formerly known as Headshot, but as of this writing is untitled, is an action thriller starring Sly Stallone. I wish my nickname was Sly. I just have to live with Banana Hammock. Nuts. Anyways, it MAY now be called Bullet to the Head, which is the latest title I can find, so I’m going with it, but the film is ... Read More »