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Pride (2014) – Gay Activists Help Miners During the 1980s!

Pride (2014) – Gay Activists Help Miners During the 1980s!

Flying Brian Banana Hammock August 21, 2014 0

Pride tells the (I think) true story of a group of gay men and women who came to the aid of mineworkers in England who were on strike. The gay fellas saw the news

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Leap Year

Big Tom Callahan December 4, 2009 Comments Off

Amy Adams follows an Irish tradition, in which a man must say yes if proposed to on a leap day. Upon discovering this , she travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend. Leap

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Pirate Radio (2009)

Michael Corleone October 13, 2009 Comments Off

Pirate Radio is the high-spirited story of how 8 DJs love affair with Rock n Roll changed the world forever. Trailer The Scoop In the 1960s this group of rouge DJs, on a boat

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Astro Boy Trailer

webmaster March 24, 2009 Comments Off

Great news for fans of the upcoming Astro Boy movie, we have uploaded the newest trailer! The Trailer Astro Boy – Teaser Astro Boy We have full coverage of Astro Boy on our official

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Valkyrie Movie Review

Michael Corleone March 2, 2009 Comments Off

Admittingly, I went into this movie with the predisposed notion that this movie was going to be below average. However, I have to admit I was wrong, Valyrie isn’t a bad movie, in fact

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Astro Boy (2009)

webmaster February 16, 2009 Comments Off

I’m really looking forward to this animation, by Imagi Studios, for Astro Boy. Astro Boy, if you don’t already know, is sort of a cult classic cartoon, that was made popular in the 60’s.

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Hot Fuzz Review

carl August 15, 2007 Comments Off

I was really excited to see Hot Fuzz, after all, Simon Pegg is a rising star. His role in Shaun of the Dead still cracks me up. Hot Fuzz Review However, keeping in my

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