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The Prince (2014) – Jason Patric & Bruce Willis Go Head to Head

The Prince is a new action thriller about a reformed assassin whose daughter is kidnapped and he’s forced back into the game. Jason Patric, best known as the dude who replaced Keanu Reeves for Speed 2: Cruise Control, is playing a former assassin who has turned his back on his violent past, opting instead to be a simple family man. ... Read More »

Child of God (2014) – James Franco Adapts Cormac McCarthy!

Child of God is James Franco’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel about a southern man living on the fringes of society who grows increasingly isolated over the three acts of the story. Lester Ballad, played by Scott Haze, is a violent dude, a good shooter, and not somebody you’d like to run in to. At least I’d say you’d be ... Read More »

Life After Beth (2014) – Aubrey Plaza Dies, and Returns!

Life After Beth is a romantic comedy horror film about a young woman in love who dies, but then comes back to life as a zombie. Beth and Zach were in love. Young love. Sweet young love. And she dies. Zach is devastated, as a fella would be. But then she’s resurrected. She comes back! And Zach couldn’t be happier. ... Read More »

Into The Storm (2014) – Tornados Decimate a Town!

Into the Storm is basically a sequel to Twister, but with all new characters and it’s kinda silly. A massive super storm devastates the town of Silverton. I’m not sure where that is, but they must get a lot of tornados. So some storm brews up, and a high school class, during their graduation, is nearly sucked up into it. ... Read More »

The Last of Robin Hood (2014) – Errol Flynn’s Last Days

The Last of Robin Hood tells the story of the last few years of legendary Robin Hood actor Errol Flynn’s life. Flynn died at 50, but had an affair with a teenager during his last few years. So Beverly Aadland was a young actress who was lucky enough to have Errol Flynn fall in love with her. When she was ... Read More »

Ragnarok (2014) – Norwegian Indiana Jones finds a Dragon!

Ragnarok is a Norwegian thriller about an archeologist who uncovers the secret behind a Viking ship that’s baffled scientists for centuries. This ship holds a dark secret. One he’ll wish he hadn’t found. So there’s this real life viking ship called the Oseberg ship that was discovered about 100 years ago. It was at a burial ground and has been ... Read More »

Felony (2014) – Australian Police Corruption

Felony follows three detectives. The first is a hero cop who gets drunk and makes a tragic mistake. The second tries to help him cover up his crime. The third tries to expose the truth. Felony is set in Australia, and starts out with one cop, Malcolm Toohey (Joel Edgerton), getting shot in the line of duty, but surviving. The ... Read More »

Get On Up (2014) – A James Brown Biopic!

Get on Up is a biopic of the life of James Brown, who was, of course, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and a leader of funk. Funky funky funk. And the Godfather of Soul. Brown grew up in extreme poverty. He didn’t have too many opportunities, and landed himself in prison as a kid cause ... Read More »

The Liberator (2014) – A Simon Bolivar Biopic!

The Liberator tells the story of Simon Bolivar, who fought the Spanish to liberate South America from foreign influence. He dreamt of a unified South America, and became a hero to many in Latin America. I’m fairly well aware of Simon Bolivar, and his influence on politics in Latin America, and I know he’s pretty well regarded as a hero ... Read More »

The November Man (2014) – Pierce Brosnan as a Spy Again!

The November Man is an action spy thriller about a suddenly out of retirement CIA operative who has to act as a mentor to a young pupil while hunting down a woman with the key to a massive conspiracy. Pierce Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, the seasoned agent with a bad past. “Love has no place in this life,” he tells ... Read More »

The Trip to Italy (2014) – Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon Back Again!

The Trip to Italy is a comedy documentary thing (it’s interesting) starring British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden as they tour Italy and eat 6 meals. All while being hilarious and charming. Coogan is likely the better known of the two comedians. He was in Tropic Thunder, Hamlet 2 (underrated), The Other Guys, and a fair number of other ... Read More »

The Hundred Foot Journey (2014) – Helen Mirren as a Chef!

The Hundred Foot Journey is a romantic comedy about an old chef in France (Helen Mirren) getting into a battle with a rival Indian cuisine restaurant across the street from her famous spot. The twist this time seems to be that 1 – The other side is made up of Indians, which is not what you see every day (not ... Read More »

Jessabelle (2014) – Horror in the South With a Ghost!

Jessabelle is a horror film about a recently paralyzed young woman who is forced to go back home to live with her father. When she gets there, she discovers a spirit is haunting her that’s connected to her mother. The main character’s name is Jesse, but the ghost is supposedly named Jessabellem, which sure sounds a heck of a lot ... Read More »

Let’s Be Cops (2014) – Comedy about Idiots Impersonating Cops

Let’s Be Cops is a new comedy about a pair of unsuccessful actors who rent police uniforms for a costume party, but start to enjoy the attention they get when people think they’re real cops. The two dummies who hatch this plan go to a masquerade party dressed as cops, not understanding the difference between costume parties and masquerade parties. ... Read More »