Sucker Punch (2011)


Sucker Punch is the story of a teenaged girl who is put in a mental institution by her stepfather, where her imagination leads to an escape through an alternative reality with awesome explosions and all the 300-esque slow mo you could ever want.

The young girl in the asylum is about to be lobotomized, which is why she works so hard within the dream world she’s created to escape. The different lessons she learns within the dream world are said to help her in the real life mental institution. In order to escape the dream world the girl must steal five objects without being captured. She brings along some of her friends, who are other crazy broads from the crazy hospital. Oh, and they all happen to be smoking hot, so oo la la.

And explosions and slow mo, yo.



The Scoop

The latest directorial effort from Zack Snyder is looking to have all the fixings. Most of the same production team worked on Sucker Punch that worked on Watchmen, so expect top notch production art extras on the blu ray. This is the first film that Snyder has made that was wholly original for him, meaning not based on a prior film or comic book, so it will be interesting to see what his own imagination can bring forth.

Who’s It For?

It hasn’t been rated yet, but so far his films tend to go R, so I’d go with that.

Movie Release Date

March 25, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Emily Browning … Baby Doll
Abbie Cornish … Sweet Pea
Jena Malone … Rocket
Vanessa Hudgens … Blondie
Jamie Chung … Amber
Carla Gugino … Madam Gorski

Interesting Fact

Each girl in the film was told to lift 210 pounds during training, which is roughly three times their combined weight.

Related Movies

Watchmen, 300, Dawn of the Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Inception, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

What’s Good About It?

Snyder’s movies are always entertaining, if a little loud (both visually and audibly) and a bit on the dumb side. Still, it’ll be interesting to see if Snyder has the ability to tell a story on his own, or if he only as talent at adapting source material to the screen.

What’s Bad About It?

The trailer, while it looked cool, also made me think of some retarded anime I’ve seen. Meaning awesome to behold, but no story. I don’t know if Snyder can pull off the idea of a dream world. Christopher Nolan did some cool stuff in Inception, but he’s a far better director, and even he seemed to have trouble at times. This may be too much for Snyder to handle.

Our Clever Prediction

I see the box office doing well. I think the film will have enough to get people in the theater opening night, and since the box office is only $85 million, which is a bargain for today’s studios, so getting a solid opening weekend should be no problem, meaning profitability.

Whether or not the critics will like it, or if there will be good word of mouth is another thing. I’m hopeful.

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  1. This movie looks like every mans dream.
    -Scantily clad women
    ……Not to mention being directed by 300 and Watchmen Director Zack Snyder.

    checkout the new tv spots that were released today!
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