Straw Dogs (2011)


Straw Dogs is a remake of the 1971 classic about violence in England. The remake will replace the English town with the American South.

No word as to how closely the film will follow the original, but the 1971 film with Dustin Hoffman was about a couple who travel to the woman’s home town so that her husband can work in peace and escape the violence that was so prevalent at the time in America. Conflict brewed between husband and wife, and the townsfolk proved to be violent and depraved. By the end of the film, the husband has found himself in the center of more violence that he had left in America.


The Scoop

Director Rod Lurie has helmed a handful of hopeful Oscar contenders that never quite made the impression hoped for. He has written and/or directed on films such as Nothing But the Truth, Resurrecting the Champ, and The Last Castle. The films were all solid attempts, but ultimately failed to impress. It looks like his remake of Straw Dogs may do just the same.


Who’s It For?

If it’s anything like the original, then R.

Movie Release Date

September 16, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Alexander Skarsgård … Charlie
James Marsden … David Sumner
Kate Bosworth … Amy Sumner
James Woods
Dominic Purcell … Niles
Willa Holland … Janice

Interesting Fact

The original won an Academy Award for Best Music.

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What’s Good About It?

The original is truly a classic. If the remake can be even half what the original was, then it will be great.

What’s Bad About It?

First, it’s another damn remake. Come on. Second, there isn’t the same level of turmoil in America today as during the Vietnam conflict. Everyone can pretend like Iraq is the same, but it’s not. Sure, people are mad, and many are struggling, but it isn’t the same thing. Plus, using the south in place of England makes me think it’s just going to be about inbred rednecks acting like assholes, and that isn’t what the original was about. The English were portrayed fairly often as depraved, and there was certainly a good amount of violence, but I worry the new film will lack the depth of the original.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t know. On one hand, it is a remake of classic film. Younger audiences may have never seen the original, so they may come out to see the new one. If the critics hate it, or just give it blah reviews, then I think it’ll sink. It’s being released at an interesting time though. Not quite Oscar season, but not entirely missing the mark. Straw dogs may end up kicking off the Oscar season next year. Either way, I don’t see the box office being huge.


  1. i saw the original the new has a lot to live up to
    but hey idpay 10 dollars just to see young kate on
    her jogging scene

  2. come on,stop whining¡remakes have been done like, forever?, and many of them have proven to be better than the original one, i’m not saying the original straw dogs was bad, far from it, it is a classic and Dustin Hoffman is a terrific actor, one of the best actually but please give both the new director and cast an opportunity to prove you wrong or right. stop judging without at least seeing the film, why are you taking such a gloomy view? just saying

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