Stolen (2012)


Stolen is a heist thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a thief who gets out of prison after a seven year stint to find his daughter older and angry with him and his ex-partner angry he didn’t receive his share of their big heist.

Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) pulled a huge heist but was stabbed in the back and ended up spending years in jail for it. He gets out and doesn’t have the money. His old partner wants his share and kidnaps Will’s daughter and holds her ransom for the money.

Will tries the police, but they don’t believe his story. The only way for him to save his daughter, who hates his guts BTW, is to pull another daring robbery. Can Will pull off the biggest score of his career, save his daughter and rebuild his life?

How did that sound? I spent several hours crafting each sentence to sound like the sorta shit you get from movie marketing departments. And by ‘several hours’ I mean I wrote it stream-of-conscious and that’s the crap that came out.


Simon West is directing Stolen from a screenplay by David Guggenheim. West is also the director of The Expendables 2, AND he made the first Tomb Raider movie. So he’s essentially the next Hitchcock.

David Guggenheim is actually MORE talented, with his work on Safe House and the upcoming Narco Sub. NARCO SUB. That preview is coming next week. For shizzle.

Stolen Trailer

Stolen Release Date

Limited release on September 14, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Nicolas Cage … Will Montgomery
  Malin Akerman … Riley Simms
  Josh Lucas … Cab Driver
  Danny Huston
  Mark Valley … Fletcher
  Sami Gayle … Alison
  M.C. Gainey
  J.D. Evermore
  Marcus Lyle Brown … Matthews
  Tanc Sade … Pete
  Michelle Torres … Tourist
  Edrick Browne … Jacobs
  Matt Nolan … Tessler
  Mustafa Harris … FBI Surveillance Agent
  Garrett Hines … Aaron
  Glen Warner … Cab Driver
  Grant Case … FBI Intern
  Tyler Forrest … Teenage Cab Driver
  Felder Charbonnet … FBI Agent
  Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis … Taylor
  Tom Cain … F.B.I. Agent
  Kyle Russell Clements … FBI Investigator
  Derek Schreck … FBI Guard #1
  Gregory Allen Gabroy … Plain Clothes FBI Agent
  Brian Kinney … FBI Agent #1
  Dan Braverman … Rene Lefleur
  Edward J. Clare … Napoleon
  Logan Douglas Smith … Mardi Gras Reveler
  Errol Suleyman … Montgomery Double
  Russell M. Haeuser … Cab Garage Mechanic

What’s Good About It?

Interesting fact: Josh Lucas was in another film called Stolen back in 2010. He must have just thought he was finishing that one before he realized he’s the bad guy in this one.

Also, I didn’t realize this from the trailer, but Josh Lucas has a prosthetic leg! How much does that affect the character? This is such DEEP character detail. I’m totally adding a prosthetic leg to all the characters in my fan-fiction dude’s version of 50 Shades of Grey. Totally.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s a Nicolas Cage movie…

Wait, that should be in the ‘good’ section. Oh well, there’s no way to change it now. I’ve typed it out. No way to delete this stuff. Science.

Our Clever Prediction

Well, it’s a Nic Cage heist movie, it’s getting a limited release, and I don’t think Malin Ackerman will show her knockers for Stolen, so I’m thinking a low overall box office. Just a guess.

That said, it’ll be really really good.