Step Up Revolution (2012)

step up revolution7

Step Up Revolution changes up the basic premise of the Step Up series by moving away from dancing and moving toward a more literal stepping process, as the fourth film in the series is about the invention of the Stepmaster.

Just kidding, there’s more retards dancing. Or not really dancing, but pretending to dance by doing flips. You want to see dancing? Watch Fred Astaire in Singing in the Rain. That’s freaking dancing. In fact, I’m going to embed it right now:

SUCK IT, Step Up.

Anyways, Step Up Revolution actually does more or less continue retreading the same ground of a girl showing up in a new town or going to a new school or whatever with dreams of being a dancer and getting involved in a street dancing crew that teaches her to dance with her heart and soul. Blah blah blah. Disco.

This time, the dancing is used for protesting purposes, as the kids protest the girl’s father’s housing development, which would displace some people. Blah blah blah. Disco.

Step Up Revolution

Step Up Revolution is being ‘directed’ by Scott Speer. That means he provided the cocaine on set, I think. There is a credited writer, Jenny Mayer, and this is her first film, though I assume they use the word ‘writer’ loosely as well.

Maybe she brought the weed.

Step Up Revolution Trailer

Step Up Revolution Release Date

July 27, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Kathryn McCormick … Emily
  Ryan Guzman … Sean
  Stephen Boss … Jason
  Chadd Smith … Vladd
  Jessica Guadix … Dancer
  Cleopatra Coleman … Penelope
  Megan Boone … Claire
  Lynn Telzer … Dancer
  Tommy Dewey … Tripp
  Tamara Jones … Receptionist
  Morgane Slemp … Dancer
  Celestina … Mob Dancer
  Jordana DePaula … Cute Salesgirl
  Robert Paget … Security Guard
  Todd Allen Durkin … Bugatti Driver
  Karelix Alicea … Plaza Dancer
  Terence Dickson … The Ticks
  Misha Gabriel Hamilton
  Brandon Bryant

What’s Good About It?

I got nothing. I guess I could mention the phenomenal body of lead Katheryn McCormick. That’s something I suppose.

What’s Bad About It?


Our Clever Prediction

Good Lord, do people actually go to these? How are there FOUR Step Up movies? I want to punch someone in the spine. Like in Mortal Kombat, so it comes out n’ stuff.

Blah blah blah. Disco.