Spy Kids 4 (2011)


Spy Kids 4 is a reboot of the Spy Kids franchise, this time focusing on a retired spy being forced back to work to stop a villain from stopping time.

Details are scarce at this point about the next Spy Kids movie, although Jessica Alba has been rumored to be in talks to star as the retired spy. She would be the mother of 3 kids. One an infant, the other two preteens. Imagine being a teenaged boy with her as your mom. Even Oedipus didn’t have it so rough.


No trailer yet.

The Scoop

Director Robert Rodriguez has wanted to continue his Spy Kids franchise for a while, but since the original kids have grown up, he is forced to introduce a new set of kids for the spy work. He’s worked with Alba a few times now, so it makes sense that he would turn to her, as she is a relatively new mom herself, for help making a new chapter in the Spy Kids story.

Who’s It For?

The others have all been PG, so I’d expect that to stay the same.

Movie Release Date

August 19, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Only Jessica Alba is rumored to be a part of the film at present.

Interesting Fact

The United States routinely uses children in their espionage work. They fit so well into air conditioning vents.

Which is where all good spy work takes place.

Related Movies

Spy Kids, Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

What’s Good About It?

Rodriguez has his moments. Sin City was cool, and I loved the Mariachi trilogy. Grindhouse had a nice vibe, and he seems equally adept at making hard R films with plenty of sex and violence as he is at making family friendly films like Spy Kids. Plus, Jessica Alba!

What’s Bad About It?

Rumor I’m making up right now: The next Spy Kids film will be about immigration, and it will include a massive amount of gratuitous sex, violence, and white-people hating. Also, the fourth Indiana Jones film sucked.

So it does not bode well.

Our Clever Prediction

The films is set to be shot in 3D, so it should make some decent money based on that. Plus, it’s a kids film, and kids are stupid. So while I will likely hate the crap out of Spy Kids 4, it’ll still make some good money.

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