Something Borrowed (2011)


Something Borrowed is a romantic comedy about a woman who falls in love with her best friend’s fiance.

Rachel has always been a good girl. As an attorney working in New York, she falls in love with her best friend’s fiance on her thirtieth birthday. Unfortunately, as all men know, that’s the expiration date for women. So she’s no longer worth the time or effort to ‘bang.’

It’s like drinking spoiled milk. It should go down smooth, but you’re chewing, and very soon you’ll be crying. Then barfing.


The Scoop

Luke Greenfield is directing, which gives me some hope. He produced Role Models, which was really good, and he has directed The Girl Next Door (not bad) and The Animal (… oh). Okay. So it isn’t the best work history, but he might be a good choice.

The interesting thing about Something Borrowed is that while it has Kate Hudson in the cast, she’s actually playing second fiddle to Ginnifer Goodwin, of Big Love fame. This is a big chance for Goodwin, who will be falling for John Krasinski, who plays Hudson’s fiance.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13.

Movie Release Date

June 10, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Kate Hudson … Darcy
John Krasinski … Ethan
Ginnifer Goodwin … Rachel
Steve Howey … Marcus
Ashley Williams … Claire
Peyton List … Young Darcy
Colin Egglesfield … Dex

Interesting Fact

Based on the novel by Emily Giffin. How is this not a concept that a Hollywood hack came up with?

Related Movies

My Best Friend’s Girl, My Best Friend’s Wedding, A Tale of Two Cities.

What’s Good About It?

I’m actually intrigued that Kate Hudson would take a supporting role to Ginnifer Goodwin. This role has her name written all over it. Hell, she was IN My Best Friend’s Girl. It must be a good script. Or she must need the money. Or she must be an idiot. Or…

What’s Bad About It?

The story looks bland as the tea I’m drinking right now.

Oh, I didn’t put the bag in yet. It was just hot water. Huh.

(three minutes of wondrous steeping later)

This movie looks blander than the tea I’m drinking.

Our Clever Prediction

There may be more of these types of films coming out that just haven’t been announced yet, but as of now Something Borrowed is essentially the only romantic comedy that will be out next June. So when your girlfriend wants to go to a movie, and says no to the next Fast and Furious film Green Lantern, and X-Men film, you’ll probably end up seeing this.

Or you could dump her.

Especially if she’s past her expiration date.


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  1. Ok so I don’t care what any of you say.. I read the books and looking at the trailer I am hopeful that the movie will be just as good. They picked the perfect people to play the roles of Rachel, Darcy, Dex and Ethan. All very good actors. It sounds to me that you all don’t know a good screenplay. and if you had read the book you would understand the story a little better. Rachel and Ethan met in college and thats when their romance never got a chance to blossom. and later in life they realize their feelings for each other. Ethan is the best friend of Rachel and Darcy but is much closer to Rachel he thinks Darcy is a B****. anyway the point is don’t hate because even if the movie isn’t perfect allot of people put allot of hard work into it.

  2. okay so you are wrong! John Krasinski is Ethan, Rachel’s best friend, Rachel doesnt fall for him! Dex is the fiance! John is a small part in the first movie but they are also going to make a second movie and he is a main character. so is Kate hudson! she is a small roll in first but main roll in the second!

  3. I worked on this picture in the editing room. It’s terrible. And Ethan is the best friend (and the only good part of the movie).

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