So Undercover (2011)


So Undercover is a Miley Cyrus vehicle about a tough, street smart private eye who is hired to go undercover in a sorority. Oh. Dear. God.

Molly Morris, played by Miley Cyrus, is the private eye. The street smart, tough private eye. Cause that’s what I think of when I think of Hannah Montana. She’s hired by the FBI to protect a sorority girl at a local university whose parents were in the mob. She has to transform herself from her tough girl roots to being a privileged tramp who gets into a sorority. I said ‘Oh Dear GOD’ already, right? Just ditto that. Ugh.

So Undercover

So Undercover is being directed by Tom Vaughan, who directed What Happens in Vegas and Extraordinary Measures, so he’s just a hack. Oddly, the film was written by Stephen Pearl and Allan Loeb. Pearl hasn’t written anything else, but Loeb wrote 21 and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I’d ask what happened to his soul, but then I look at the rest of his career, and it makes sense. He wrote the Adam Sandler atrocity Just Go With It and The Switch, so he’s also a Hollywood hack who just does what they’ll pay him for. Good for him. Bad for us.

So Undercover Trailer

There SOOOO isn’t a trailer yet. May it stay that way.

So Undercover Release Date

October 2011.


Not yet.

Who’s In It?

  Miley Cyrus … Molly
  Jeremy Piven
  Mike O’Malley
  Joshua Bowman
  Kelly Osbourne
  Alexis Knapp … Taylor
  Eloise Mumford … Sasha
  Lauren McKnight … Alex
  Cameron Deane Stewart … Cameron Harrison
  Grant Case … Pool Partier
  Ric Reitz … State Representative
  Andrea Frankle … Agent Keller
  Phil Austin … Dr. Millson
  Michael Rogers … Guy in Jazz Club
  J. Omar Castro
  Cynthia LeBlanc … College Professor
  Elton LeBlanc … College Professor
  Felder Charbonnet … Officer Brison
  Caitlyn Bosarge … College Student

What’s Good About It?

It’s Miley Cyrus, so younguns will undoubtedly love it and believe that the film represents college life. So hopefully it teaches young girls that when they get to college they should experiment with bloggers. In the bedroom.

What’s Bad About It?

Come on. Nothing I’ve written about this film could possibly be considered good. Maybe the casting of Kelly Osbourne. NOT.

Our Clever Prediction

Miley Cyrus is popular for a reason. I don’t know the reason, but there must be one, therefore So Undercover should make some money.

I was going to finish that last sentence with so So Undercover should make some money, but that sounded odd. I used Therefor instead. I’m proud of it. I feel like a proper English gentleman. Therefore, ergo, by proxy, etc.

Totally classy.

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  1. This is pathetic your judging the movie based on what the main actress. You called her hannah montana like wtf thats a role she played and obviously very well since you really think thats her. In a comment you said you dont like her wow tell her I said hi since you know her so well. And what did she really do? What many teenagers do everyday only shes famous and gets critized by strangers who hid behind computers. How about you mention all the good shes done from donating money and clothes to pe ople in japan,creating get your good on to urge people to recyle and many other great things. What good have you done lately besides trash other people online,rich people who are living their dreams. Be fair when you do your reviews or whats the point also remember words hurt and can destroy people so think before you act.

  2. Miley is great and very talented .The film will be fantastic. She is having an extraordinary life is is still a teenager. Talent is talent! She sings, dances, acts, travels, fills stadiums. she is amazing!

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