Skyline (2010)


Skyline is the story of a group of young friends who must find a way to survive an attack that may be alien in origin.

A mysterious light flashes through the window at a party, and when the party-goers check what’s happening, they see that people are drawn outside by the light, and then vanish. Not knowing the source of the light, they do what they can to avoid the light and keep themselves alive.

Skyline Trailer

The Scoop

The concept doesn’t sound terrible, but the directors have little experience directing a film. Both Colin and Greg Strause have a fair amount of experience in the visual effects departments on some big special effects films, such as Gulliver’s Travels, Iron Man 2, Avatar, and Jonah Hex, but just because they know how to make something look cool doesn’t mean they can tell a story. It’s a similar picture when it comes to the writers, so my expectations are currently very low. I don’t know what to expect.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13.

Movie Release Date

November 12, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Eric Balfour … Jarrod
Scottie Thompson … Elaine
David Zayas … Oliver
Donald Faison … Terry
Brittany Daniel … Candice
Crystal Reed … Denise
Neil Hopkins … Ray

Interesting Fact

Both directors started their career on the David Spade and Chris Farley film Black Sheep. What special effects were in that?

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What’s Good About It?

This may very well be the Strause brother’s big break. They have an impressive list of credentials in the effects areas, and they may turn out to be really talented storytellers who have an amazing visual style.

What’s Bad About It?

Still, they’re unknowns at this point. Toss in the fact that the best actors they could get for what doesn’t appear to be a comedy are Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Eric Balfour, and my hopes start to fade.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m giving it a solid shot. I doubt the budget is very high, but these are the type of guys who can do a lot with a little. I expect the story to be a little flat, as well as substandard acting, but it’ll look great, and I think the Strause brothers will get a second chance with a better budget and better actors with a better script. Who knows? They may make the next Matrix. And then screw it up and one will become a woman. It happens.

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  1. I think it is very good, very clear.
    The end is a little questioning, but it’s good.
    For those who dislike it – see the movie with a different eyes.
    We are used to watch movies with a great story plots, and big expectations but what… don’t we have a story? An alien atack and a people who try to servive. What more? Imagine that there is a real alien attack. It will be all the same just like the movie – simple and annihilating. There will be not Batman, Iron man or Captain Planet and the Planeteers to save us. Just a frustrating end of the human race.

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