Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2010)


Fans of the Sinbad character will like this upcoming Sinbad movie. While details of the film are a little unclear at this time, we do have some exciting news about the film.

Officially, the plot goes as follows : When the Sultan’s first born is taken by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her.

Who’s It For?

The movie is aimed at teens, and fans of the Prince of Persia type of movie will love Sinbad.

Movie Release Date

Fall 2010

Who’s In It?

Patrick Stewart and Shahin Sean Solimon will play Sinbad.

Interesting Fact

Shahin Sean Solimon as Sinbad?

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What’s Bad About It?

Shahin Sean Solimon? Couldn’t we have gotten a bigger Sinbad to play the role? A virtually unknown actor is a risky move for such a popular character.

Our Clever Prediction

Unsure, it looks like a low budget production as of right now.

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