Silent Hill 2 (2011)


Silent Hill 2 is a sequel to the 2006 film that’s based on the hit video game series. The game and original film were both in the horror genre, so expect more of that.

Few details have emerged so far on the sequel, which may or may not go into production later this year. The game series generally sees someone come to a town and travel between two worlds, the normal world and another beneath the surface, where really weird looking creatures who move in a funny manner scare the crap out of me so I can’t sleep at night.


Oddly, films that have yet to go into production don’t have trailers. Weird.

The Scoop

No word on the director, but the film is produced Don Carmody, the same director as on the first film. He is also producing the next Resident Evil film, so we can pretend he’s an expert in video game film adaptations. Consider yourself scooped.

Who’s It For?

Probably R.

Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

No casting news yet.

Interesting Fact

There would be a lot more noise about this film if it were called Loud Hill. Haha. I’m a genius. This comedic gold just comes to me. I bet you can’t believe me.

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What’s Good About It?

The first film did a decent job of capturing the tone and look of the games, at least so far as I remember the little I played of them.

What’s Bad About It?

The story of the first, unfortunately, was also similar to what I remember of the game. Oh, the little girl is evil? I did not expect that.

She was evil, right? Whatever.

Our Clever Prediction

The first only made $55 million, on a $50 million budget, so I don’t see the need for another. I do like Radha Mitchell, but she might not even be back for the second. I know the fourth Resident Evil is only getting made because it’s in 3D, so maybe Silent Hill will get the 3D treatment as well. Still, it’ll suck.

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  1. Actually, the first one followed the game well, but did change a lot of the plot. Which was fine. It was a great movie. I’m confused how they’re going to work Heather in as Sharon if Chris (the dad) was never able to find Sharon and Rose at the end of the first movie though. . . . Meh, I’m sure they’ll make it work. 🙂

  2. jade,

    I played only a little of the game (not sure which one), I could not figure out how to use the weapons when I found my first monster in a tunnel, so I had to stop playing, unfortunately. The game itself was very beautiful and creepy.

    Even without having any game experience with Silent Hill, I still LOVED the movie, and can’t wait to watch the second one in a dark, spooky cinema hall.

  3. I played Silent Hill Shattered Memories and watched LOrdvega play the first Silent Hill on the ps1 on his let’s play on you tube. I can’t get enough of Harry Mason and his search for his daughter. Ever since I played Shattered Memories I’ve wanted a daughter of my own, but then I remembered about how our planet is over populated and thought it would be unfair for her especially with the increasing temperature norms. Anyway I also saw the movie and though I was slightly disappointed it didn’t include the original characters of Harry and Cheryl I still enjoyed it greatly. Silent Hill is by far the best horror genre movie I have ever watched, and in my own interests is ten times better than any Resident Evil movie. Granted I sucked at Resident Evil games.

  4. Listen, I thought that the first Silent Hill movie was freat! It really did capture the feel of the game, which I was totally into. I really hope that they MAKE the sequel because they already left an open ending on the first one. So what if it didn’t make a huge profit for the “suits”, it is the FANS that really run things, so Zippy Says… Make the darn sequel already!!!!

  5. Silent hill may not have the “resident evil” audience but it was a very nice product (I’m talking about the movie). And I’m sure that the story itself of the second installment of the game is something unique. Anyway, the first movie made 100.000.000 dollars worldwide (maybe Brian was talking about the domestic box office) and I hope someone.. someday.. will do someting good with a sequel.
    I enjoyed the movie as I did with the game. (I can’t say the same with resident evil..)

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