Shelter (2011)


Shelter tells a psychiatrist’s story as she tries to help one of her patients, who has multiple personalities. Only it appears that each of his many personalities is really a murder victim. Dun dun duh.

The one thing that is most interesting about the film, based on the trailer, is that there are religious overtones to the film. It seems there may be something about the devil, or some demonic force, as well as the traditional multiple personality disorder bad guy thing. Of course, there’s probably a twist ending, like it turns out SHE’S the murderer. I haven’t seen it, so no spoiler there, but if I’m right, then I totally called it.

The Scoop

Best thing about the film? The tag line: The Sheltering has begun.

Really? That’s the best they’ve got? Sheesh. Crap sandwich. No, crap sadwich. Cause it makes me sad.

The film is being directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, who will next team up for Underworld 4. I don’t really know much about these guys, but they must be insanely talented to get the opportunity to direct the fourth Underworld. (Bet I could’ve gotten the job, you know, IF I WAS A MORON (Canadian).


Who’s It For?



Movie Release Date

February 25, 2011. Limited

Who’s In It?

Julianne Moore … Cara Harding
Jonathan Rhys Meyers … David/Adam/Wesley
Jeffrey DeMunn … Dr. Harding
Frances Conroy … Mrs. Bernburg
Nathan Corddry … Stephen Harding

Related Movies

Primal Fear, The Exorcist, Repossessed

What’s Good About It?

I like the look of Shelter’s trailer, and Julianna Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are a pretty good actors, so there is reason to hope.

What’s Bad About It?

Well, I’m all about Mårlind, but I just don’t trust Stein.

Our Clever Prediction

Shelter has a limited release, and neither Moore nor Meyers are particularly big draws at the box office. There’s potential for Shelter, but I’m worried it may be wasted.

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