Serena (2013)

Serena Pic One
Serena Pic One

Serena is a period piece about a young couple, the Pembertons, who try to build a timber empire during the Great Depression.

Bradly Cooper plays George Pemberton, while Jennifer Lawrence plays his wife Serena. During the course of their building his timber empire, Serena pushes her husband to do unethical things, and her wickedness develops over and over until she’s just a mean lady. When Serena finds out she can’t have children, she decides to kill her husband’s illegitimate son. She is a mean bitch. Sounds like she might have Hysteria. Huh? ANYONE?


Susanne Bier is directing Serena, based on the novel by Ron Rash and the screenplay of Christopher Kyle. Bier wrote the film Brothers, and she directed a number of films in her homeland of Denmark.

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Who’s In It?

 Jennifer Lawrence … Serena Pemberton
  Bradley Cooper … George Pemberton
  Toby Jones … Sheriff McDowell
  Rhys Ifans … Galloway
  Sam Reid … Vaughn
  Raymond Waring

What’s Good About It?

The main character of Serena certainly sounds interesting, as she’s going to make quite a villainess for Lawrence to play, but I wonder if this is just a film about the one character, or if that interesting character is in a quality story.

What’s Bad About It?

Lawrence has been both amazing and sorta boring in various films. She was great in Winter’s Bone, but horrid in X-Men. I still need to see The Hunger Games, but from the trailers she hasn’t looked spectacular. We’ll see if she can pull off this character.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t know about Serena. It’s clearly Oscar bait, but with Bradly Cooper in a lead role I don’t know if it can hold up to other films during award season. If Lawrence’s performance is up to snuff Serena may really be huge for cementing her as a leading actress. The Hunger Games, while immensely successful, would likely have been just as big with another actress. This is an important shot for her. Cross your fingers. NOT THAT FAR!!! Great, now you broke your fingers. I don’t even know if that means good or bad luck. Moron.