Screw 1-3, I Am Number 4 has a trailer!


So the trailer has gone up for next February’s I Am Number 4. Check it out, you gorgeous beast.

So what’s the Deal?

To explain the gorgeous beast reference, the lead actor in I am Number 4 is Alex Pettyfer, who played the role of the dude turned into a horrid monster in Beastly. But he’s gorgeous in real life (or so a Canadian told me, they’re all so gay.)

The film is about (full details here) some aliens who happen to look like hot teenagers who come to earth and are being hunted by another race of aliens. The fourth one is (clearly) the main character in the film as the first three of the nine aliens have been killed.

Oh, and he has glowy hand powers. (don’t worry, Canadians, he’ll still probe you.)

I Am Number 4 Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for I Am Number 4 here.

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