Sanctum (2011)


Sanctum, based on a true story, is about a team of divers that find themselves trapped in an underwater cave system for two days.

Diving into the most remote cave system in the world, one which had never previously been explored, when a storm caused the entrance to the cave to collapse, leaving the team stranded for two days. The film tells their harrowing tale of survival.

Oh, and it’s in 3D. Of course it is.


The Scoop

The film is directed by Alister Grierson, an Australian director who was invited to the set of Avatar to see the 3D cameras used first hand, at which point he was selected to make Sanctum. The film will use the same camera system that James Cameron used in Avatar, only… UNDERWATER. Which is way better. There’ll probably be jellyfish floating right at you. Scary.

Who’s It For?

The film hasn’t been rated yet, but I expect PG-13.

Movie Release Date

February 4, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Richard Roxburgh … Frank McGuire
Rhys Wakefield … Josh McGuire
Alice Parkinson … Victoria
Dan Wyllie … George
Christopher Baker … J.D.
Allison Cratchley … Judes

Interesting Fact

Inspired by the true story of Andrew Wight, whose team was actually stranded in the underwater cave system beneath Australia’s Nullabor Plain.

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What’s Good About It?

I actually think an underwater 3D movie could be cool. I think the format lends itself to exotic new worlds better than familiar ones. Avatar worked because everything you saw was supposed to be exciting and new. Underwater locals can serve a very similar function. Hopefully, the story will prove to be just tense enough without an overabundance of drama shoehorned in for effect. Just a tense, real life thriller. With naked chicks.

What’s Bad About It?

The director has very little work under his belt. No doubt he has the goods, if James Cameron showed him around the Avatar set, but the film may end up as little more than a display of the technology in underwater locales, rather than a good film.

Our Clever Prediction

The 3D bubble may pop sooner rather than later. With the next Resident Evil, and every kid’s movie coming out in the near future receiving the 3D treatment, people may be bored with it. One of the big selling points for Sanctum will be the 3D explorer vibe, and it may not be enough for audiences. I think it’ll do alright, but I don’t expect big numbers. Hopefully they’re able to make it cheap enough that a modest box office will suffice.

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