Salvation Boulevard (2011)


Salvation Boulevard is a comedy crime thriller set in the world of best selling authors, religious leaders, and… crime.

Lets all be honest for a moment. Greg Kinnear is charming. Pierce Brosnan? Also charming. Ed Harris? Bald and CHARMING. I’m thoroughly charmed.

Essentially, the film will follow Kinnear’s character, Carl, who is a best selling author who overcame many difficulties in his life because of a new found faith in the good Lord. His path to righteousness was added by Brosnan’s Dan Day, a religious minister similar in reliability to that dude who claimed the rapture was coming. Ed Harris plays an atheist who is friends with them both.

And, as far as I can tell from the trailer, Brosnan is a bad guy who tries to off Harris and blame it on Kinnear. Hijinks ensue!

Salvation Boulevard

Salvation Boulevard was written and directed by George Ratliff, who last made a film called Joshua starring Sam Rockwell and Vera Farminga. What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Me either.

Salvation Boulevard Trailer

Movie Release Date

July 15, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Isabelle Fuhrman … Angie
  Jennifer Connelly … Gwen Vanderveer
  Marisa Tomei … Honey Foster
  Pierce Brosnan … Dan Day
  Ed Harris … Dr. Paul Blaylock
  Greg Kinnear … Carl Vanderveer
  Ciarán Hinds … Jim Hunt
  Howard Hesseman … Billy
  Jim Gaffigan … Jerry Hobson
  Yul Vazquez … Jorge Guzman De Vaca
  Mary Callaghan Lynch … Bedelia Hobson
  Ele Bardha … Officer Jensen
  Chameria Law … Church Member
  Pamela Shaw … Lindsay Moll
  Ron Causey … New Millenium Attendee
  Randy Ryan … Duane
  Cindy Chu … Alisa
  Christine Kelly … Tabitha
  Nancy Doetsch … Parent

What’s Good About It?

Uh, the Charm. OBVIOUSLY.

What’s Bad About It?

There probably won’t be a rapture at the end. But that would be awesome.

Our Clever Prediction

Salvation Boulevard has a limited release, so it probably won’t make much money, but there are a number of talented actors in it, and the trailer looks good. Maybe it’ll do okay.