Safe (2011)


Safe is a crime action thriller starring your favorite Cranked up Transporter, Jason Statham.

Essentially, it’s Commando for a new generation. Badass mofo Jason Statham will be rescuing a 12 year old girl. He’s a former elite agent (whatever that means) who sets out to rescue a 12 year old chinese girl from the Triads. They’re waayyyyy more dangerous that the Duos. WaAAAAYYYY.

Oh, and he’ll also try to use a highly sought after safe combination to mess with Russian gangsters, corrupt NYC police, and the Triads.

All while kicking butt.


Boaz Yakin (real name) wrote and directed Safe. You might know Boaz from two things. Either his AMAZING work as screenwriter on Prince of Persia, or from my dream journal.

One of those. Man, this film is going to be SOOOOOOO good.

Safe Trailer

Safe Release Date

October 28, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Jason Statham
  Chris Sarandon … Mayor Tremello
  James Hong … Han Jiao
  Anson Mount … Alex Rosen
  Robert John Burke … Captain Wolf
  Reggie Lee … Quan Chang
  Danny Hoch … Julius Barkow
  Victor Pagan … Wild Eyed Man
  Jennifer Butler … Boyds
  Danielle McKee … Woman in the Subway Station
  Brian Anthony Wilson … Shelter Security #2
  Igor Jijikine … Shemyakin
  Jack Gwaltney … Detective Reddick
  John Cenatiempo … Russian Gangster
  Daoud Heidami … Taxi Driver
  Jay Giannone … Detective Kolfax

What’s Good About It?

It’s a Statham movie. What’s NOT to love?

What’s Bad About It?

I worry it might have too much commercial appeal and people won’t give it a chance come award season.

Our Clever Prediction

It’s a SAFE bet that SAFE will do really well. Probably not in the way you’d expect though. My crystal balls have told me that SAFE will influence President Obama’s foreign policy. Just like Jimmy Carter!


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