Road House

Road House 2016 Remake
Road House 2016 Remake

Road House (2016)

Certain things in life we cherish. For me, it’s fond memories of being an awkward teen in the  80’s , and a few Patrick Swayze movies that brought me pleasure back in the day. Hollywood has been determined to crush most of my memories, with the recent news Dirty Dancing is being remade … and now they are going to destroy another favorite Road House. You see, when you were in your teens, Road House was legendary. You hated Brad Wesley, you found him despicable. You loved watching Kelly Lynch naked, the girls love Swayze’s nakedness in the film. Road House had it all. Sex, wasn’t complicated.

News that Road House was getting a remake was a little nauseating, because.. there aren’t many classics left now.

The plot remains the same. A kick-ass bouncer (Ronday Rousey) is hired to clean up a dive bar The Double Deuce. One problem… local corrupt businessman Brad Wesley controls the town, he is a small town mafia man who takes a percentage from everyone. Everyone that is… but from the Double Deuce. Not any more, no way. Dalton cleans up the bar, brings justice back to town, in a fashion only an 80’s movie can deliver.

So, get ready.. Ronda Rousey is playing the new bouncer in this remake, there is no longer a ‘Dalton’. Not sure the world is ready for her in a role like this, and I don’t understand the appeal of putting her in movies. Movies are for ‘actors’, not athletes.. so why not just replace Dalton with a new male version? Her screen appeal is for her real life job, not what she pretends to be.

Road House Trailer

No trailer yet.

Release Date

Looks like a 2016 release date for the new Road House movie.

Who’s In it?

 Ronda Rousey.. sigh.. it’s true.  The role of Dalton is going to Rousey, so she can somehow make you forget about Swayze’s iconic character. 

Final Thoughts

Any remake of Road House is unfounded, but dammit we will watch it anyways.

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