Rio (2011)


A Minnesota macaw goes on adventure with his dream girl to Rio de Janeira in Rio, the latest animated film from the makers of Ice Age.

Blu is a domesticated macaw (apparently some type of bird, probably gay) who meets Jewel, an independent, free spirited woman, only in bird form, in this case another macaw. Both birds are part of the same very rare species of macaw, and so they MUST be together. Or something.

Anyways, Blu goes on adventure to follow Jewel where ever she leads him, even to the Brazilian rain forests and the magical city of Rio de Janeiro.


The Scoop

Director Carlos Saldahna directed all three of the Ice Age films, as well as working as the animation supervisor for Fight Club. Huh. He’s working on Rio with Don Rhymer, who is responsible for Big Momma’s House. Fantastic.

I will admit to enjoying the Ice Age films, and with animated features being as collaborative as they are, no doubt a fair budget has gone into making Rio, so expect some reasonable quality.

And 3D!

Who’s It For?

This film has not yet been rated. But it’ll either be G or PG.

Movie Release Date

April 8, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Anne Hathaway … Jewel (voice)
Jesse Eisenberg … Blu (voice)
Leslie Mann … Linda (voice)
Rodrigo Santoro … (voice)
Jake T. Austin … Fernando

Interesting Fact

The first and fourth toes of a macaw point backwards. Just like a witch. Burn IT!

Related Movies

Ice Age trilogy, Big Momma’s House, Surf’s Up, Madagascar

What’s Good About It?

The first Ice Age was funny, and while I haven’t seen the others, I always enjoy the trailers with the little squirrel thing. He just wants nuts. Heh. I see the Ice Age trilogy as above average kid’s films, so I’m going to think that Rio will also be above average.

Combine with that the fact that they cast appropriate actors instead of just stars, and I think they’re on the right trail. Sure, Anne Hathaway’s a big name, and Jesse Eisenberg is on his way, but he just feels like a loser bird from Minnesota. A Jewish bird, but a loser nonetheless.

I can’t tell if that’s anti-Semitic or not. On the one hand, I call him Jewish, as if that’s a bad thing. But then I also say he’s a loser regardless of his Jewishness, meaning that Jews are not normally losers.

What’s Bad About It?

I just can’t get past Don Rhymer making Big Momma’s House. It angers me.

Our Clever Prediction

It’s an April release, which tells me that the studio either doesn’t believe in the film enough for a summer release, or they believe in it enough that it will do well regardless of when it’s released. Wait. Now I don’t know what to think!


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  1. Yes, it is absolutely anti-Semitic to call the bird “Jewish”. You would not have called him Jewish if he was voiced by Paul Rudd, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, etc., all of whom are 100% Jewish. Yet apparently with Eisenberg, he is. Typical case of selective identification, where we mention that some Jews are Jewish but not others, and not randomly.

    Either any Jewish actor makes the bird Jewish, or none do (unless he’s identified as such in the film, but he won’t be).

    • Yes, it is absolutely anti-Semitic to call the bird “Jewish”.Either any Jewish actor makes the bird Jewish, or none do (unless he’s identified as such in the film, but he won’t be).

      Do you surf the interwebs as some sort of Jewish police force? Anti-Semetic? Please, lighten up and get a sense of humor.

    • Surf’s Up was…. horrible. Are you saying you enjoyed the movie? It lost the studio millions of dollars.

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