Red State (2011)


Red State is Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror filmmaking. The film follows some young misfits encounter fundamentalists that have gone to extremes in Middle America. No doubt a totally fair portrayal of religious folk will ensue.

There isn’t a lot known about the film, other than that it’s a horror film, and it appears the villains will be religious fundamentalists. Oddly, the film will likely be preachy. And yet that’s what Kevin Smith is against. Oh, right. He’s a dumbass.

The Scoop

The film was financed outside of the Hollywood studio system, and even the poster (below) is said to have been created by an assistant to one of the producers, and not some ‘hired gun’ who knows next to nothing about the film. I will say it looks a lot like The Last Exorcism. So take that for what it is.


Who’s It For?

No rating yet, but most likely R.


Movie Release Date

TBA, 2011. The trailer indicates March.

Who’s In It?

 Melissa Leo
  John Goodman
  Michael Angarano
  Kyle Gallner
  Stephen Root
  Nicholas Braun
  Kevin Pollak
  Anna Gunn … Irma
  Kaylee DeFer … Dana
  Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
  Kevin Alejandro … Tactical Agent Harry
  Kerry Bishé … Cheyenne
  Michael Parks … Pastor Abin Cooper
  Haley Ramm … Maggie

Related Movies

The Last Exorcism, Clerks, Mallrats (oh the horror!)

What’s Good About It?

Kevin Smith used to be awesome. He was a fresh voice in Hollywood at a time when it needed him. Now, he’s made a fair number of films, and the voice has grown stale because it hasn’t changed. Oh, sorry, let me repeat that in the next section.

What’s Bad About It?

Now, he’s made a fair number of films, and the voice has grown stale because it hasn’t changed. There we go.

Our Clever Prediction

Bombs away. I seriously doubt this will do very well. Smith can make movies on the cheap, so they get made, but they rarely do very well at the box office. I’m guessing this will alienate the Middle America by saying that they’re all a bunch of extremists, which is absolutely his point and you all know it.

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