Rabbit Hole (2010)


Rabbit Hole is set to be the feel good comedy of the Christmas season.

It’s about a couple whose young son dies.

That’s horrible. How could they make a comedy out of that?

It’s not a comedy? My bad. I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at the trailer (I laugh when told something is supposed to be funny. I learned long ago that I’m not nearly clever enough to determine whether something is funny or not, so I do what I feel is expected of me.).

So the couple does their best to cope with their young son’s death. The trailer has a few shots of Nicole Kidman standing in front of household appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines, like a good woman should, and almost crying, but not crying. Just dieing inside a little bit every day.

Two Face plays her husband. He’s sad too, but tries to move on.


The Scoop

Rabbit Hole is the second directorial feature for John Cameron Mitchell, who I assume will become a serial killer if the film fails, as he goes by three names. His other film was Shortbus. I like to think it’s fun riding the short bus. Crapping your pants, laughing at ducks. Fun.

So far I should have offended women (stop being so sensitive and make me a sandwich) as well as retards/the people who care about retards (stop being so stupid/they’re little more than dogs anyways).

And we shall see how much further down the.. Rabbit Hole I’m willing to go. In this case the Rabbit Hole being offensiveness.

Who’s It For?

No rating yet, but either PG-13 or R.


Movie Release Date

December 17, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Nicole Kidman … Becca Corbett
Aaron Eckhart … Howie Corbett
Sandra Oh … Gaby
Dianne Wiest … Nat
Jon Tenney … Rick
Tammy Blanchard … Izzy

Interesting Fact

Based on a Broadway play of the same name. So you know there’ll be lots of explosions in the film.

Related Movies

Sleuth (also based a play), Bambi (child loses mother), Man on Fire (man loses surrogate daughter and goes on killing spree), Batman Forever (it had Nicole Kidman, and a later Batman film would have Eckhart)

What’s Good About It?

No doubt the film is an Oscar hopeful for both Kidman and Eckhart. Hopefully it won’t be too heavy and will have something interesting to say about losing a child. Perhaps the parents will discover that life is better without the brat.

And now I should have offended everyone with a soul. Now to offend Canadians, and I’ve officially offended everyone.

Wait, I already offended the mentally challenged. This must be a record, I’m not even at the prediction and I’ve offended the entire population of earth.

What’s Bad About It?

It isn’t the comedy you’re hoping for. Also, it may come across as a bit overdone in the drama department. If I wanted to watch two hours of a woman crying, I’d go on my dates.

I just offended myself. This IS a record.

Our Clever Prediction

Low box office. People don’t need to be reminded of how much life can suck. If an Oscar is awarded to the film or cast, then it may get a boost, but I don’t see it doing too well regardless.

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