Queen to Play (2011)


Queen to Play is a French language film about a maid who becomes passionate about Chess. I’m guessing there’ll be something about how a pawn can become a queen. Am I right? Totally.

Helene is a maid with an American employer who is both reclusive and a brilliant chess player. Though Helene seems to have very little interest or initial ability at chess, she quickly learns and develops into a fine chess player, while those around her who have known her for years wonder why she has developed such an intense interest in the game. Queen to Play is a comedy, and the first French language film for star Kevin Kline.

Queen to Play

Director Caroline Bottaro also wrote the screenplay, which she has adapted from the novel by Bertina Henrichs. The French title of the film is Joueuse, which means player. Not the type player that you hear about in urban environments, but rather like a player of chess, or perhaps one of the pieces on the chessboard. Or maybe it is like you hear in urban environments. Is it racist when I say ‘urban?’

Do I care?

Queen to Play Trailer

Movie Release Date

The film has already been released in France, but it currently is set to be released on DVD in the US on May 31, 2011. It may also be released theatrically, but no date has been set.


Who’s In It?

Sandrine Bonnaire … Hélène
Kevin Kline … Kröger
Valérie Lagrange … Maria
Francis Renaud … Ange
Alexandra Gentil … Lisa
Alice Pol … Natalia
Didier Ferrari … Jacky
Laurence Colussi … Pina
Élisabeth Vitali … Marie-Jeanne
Daniel Martin … Le président du club d’échecs
Dominic Gould … L’Américain
Jennifer Beals … L’Américaine

What’s Good About It?

There is no game more exciting that chess, and that includes gladiator fighting. And there can be lions and tigers n’ stuff in gladiator fights.

Also, for reasons I’m not entirely clear about (possible homosexual tendencies) I really like Kevin Kline.

What’s Bad About It?

France. Ugh.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt Queen to Play will make much money, but it does look really good. The trailer gives me a lot of hope. I haven’t seen such a good trailer since earlier today when I saw another trailer.

I’m easily excited. Just ask your mother.