Puzzle (2011)


Have you always wanted to see a film about an aging housewife who find fulfillment in her life by playing puzzles? Yeah. I thought so.

Puzzle is a film about, well, an aging housewife who finds fulfillment solving puzzles. On her 50th birthday, Maria’s husband and children give her a puzzle. Cause diamonds are tacky. Anyways, she really enjoys completing it. And she discovers she’s talented at solving puzzles. You know where this is going.

Maria goes to the store where her husband and kids got her puzzle and discovers there is a TOURNAMENT. That’s right. A puzzle tournament. AWESOME? OH YEAH. Her family has misgivings, but she enters anyways. Like a rebel.

This film is going to win SOOOOO many awards.


Puzzle was written and directed by Natalia Smirnoff. I’m pretty sure that means she’s a drunk. My reasoning? Her last name and she MADE A MOVIE ABOUT A PUZZLE SOLVING HOUSEWIFE.

Again, SOOOOOO many awards.

Puzzle Trailer

Movie Release Date

May 27, 2011. Limited release.


Who’s In It?

 María Onetto … María del Carmen
  Gabriel Goity … Juan
  Arturo Goetz … Roberto
  Henny Trayles
  Felipe Villanueva
  Julián Doregger
  Nora Zinsky
  Marcela Guerty
  Mirta Wons

What’s Good About It?

The film’s original title was Rompecabezas. I assume that means Puzzle in some crazy, non-English language. SOOOOOO many awards.

What’s Bad About It?

I worry that some people might be… puzzled by the film.


Our Clever Prediction

Uh… OBVIOUSLY, SOOOO MANY AWARDS. Or it’ll make very little. Either way. I’m not gonna be… puzzled.

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