Prom (2011)


Prom tells the story of a group of high school kids as they prepare for prom, and the chair of the prom committee falls for the school bad boy.

I never did understand why all the ladies fell for me. I guess it was because I rebelled. Without. A. Cause.

Then, in college, I found a cause, which lead to more ladies. The cause? Diabetes. No one ever messes with diabetes.

Anyways, the OCD prom committee chair is doing everything in her power to control prom and make it perfect, when she suddenly falls for the school bad boy. Not a lot of details have been released yet, but I’m betting she never noticed him until he did something BAD which forced the principal to punish him by making him part of the prom committee, where he clashed with aforementioned OCD girl, and then they fall in love.

They she gets pregnant at prom and they live in a trailer, raising their bastard child as they discover that their relationship was never that strong after all.

That last part is just a guess though.


Nothing yet.

The Scoop

Director Joe Nussbaum has most recently made Sydney White, which was an Amanda Bynes vehicle, and before that he made such cinematic greats as Sleepover and one of the direct to DVD American Pie movies. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. Take me, for instance. I write for so that one day I can write for the Serbian Times, which will then lead to the Albuquerque Daily News, which yet again leads to The Mexico City Herald, and then I’m President of Nebraska.

At least I have a 3 year plan. Where will you be?

Who’s It For?

This film has not been rated. It’s Disney though, so it won’t be harder than PG-13, but PG is more likely.

Movie Release Date

April 29, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Aimee Teegarden … Nova
Danielle Campbell … Simone
Nicholas Braun … Lloyd
Dean Norris … Frank
Jonathan Keltz … Brandon Roberts
Christine Elise … Sandra Linsey
Cameron Monaghan … Corey

Interesting Fact

At my prom I was named prom king, and then the cool kids poured a big bucket of blood all over me. I then brutally murdered them with mind powers. My story was retold with some changes (like my name and gender) by Stephen King.

I never received a dime.

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High School Musical, John Tucker Must Die, something with Miley Cyrus, Prom Night, Carrie

What’s Good About It?

If it’s anything like High School Musical, then younger fans may end up loving this, and it may launch the careers of a few relative unknowns in the cast.

What’s Bad About It?

If it’s anything like High School Musical, I will end up killing yet another senior class with my mind powers.

Our Clever Prediction

Disney is looking for Prom to be their next franchise in the same vein as High School Musical, only this doesn’t have singing. The budget is relatively modest at somewhere between $5 and $10 million, so the film doesn’t have to bring in big money to be successful. Likely the biggest obstacle will be that foreign markets will not care at all for the film, so they’ll need a good domestic gross. The best thing going for it is that it’s Disney. You know the film will play on the Disney Channel, which may help it build an audience for the inevitable sequel. The box office success will determine if there will be a theatrical release for the sequel though.

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  1. I think this movie’s gonna turn out badly. No-body knows the storyline, yet it will be released in less than 27 days. Avatar’s story for instance, was known a month before the movie was realesed. Disney is just ashamed to realese the Movie’s story to to the public I bet.

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