Prisoners (2013)


Prisoners is a crime drama about a Boston man who kidnaps the man he thinks is responsible for the disappearance of his daughter and her friend.

There isn’t a whole lot more known about the plot at present, although the man who gets kidnapped was held by police for a time, but is released because of a lack of evidence. The dad don’t care. BOOM!


Denis Villeneuve is directing a screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski (bless you). Villeneuve is thought to be a ‘next big thing’ in Hollywood because of his film Incendies, which did pretty well. The other thing that makes Prisoners slightly interesting is the rumor that Michael Fassbender may star. Not bad.

Prisoners Trailer

Not yet.

Prisoners Release Date

TBA 2013.



Who’s In It?

Michael Fassbender (rumor)

What’s Good About It?

If Fassbender does end up in Prisoners, it could be cool, and Villeneuve might actually BE the next big thing. We shall see.

What’s Bad About It?

Writer Guzikowski (bless you) hasn’t had a film released yet.

Our Clever Prediction

It’s too early to really tell, but I’ll give Prisoners a definite second look when more info becomes available.