Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)


Third verse same as the first two! Paranormal Activity 3 is a third film in the horror series, this time with a possible return of one of the original film’s stars.

Now, think. The dude died, so it isn’t him, but supposedly, Katie Featherston is returning for Paranormal Activity 3. I guess that means this will be the greatest film ever. Or it doesn’t.

Anyways, the second Paranormal Activity film made $168 million, compared with the first’s $183 million, so it’s a successful series. Not a lot of details are available about the story as of yet, and Ms. Featherston’s participation may still be more rumor than truth.

The Scoop

Tod Williams will be returning after making the second film, so the scares should just keep on coming. Word is that the screenwriter for the second film, Christopher Landon, will be returning as well, but I’ve also read that he won’t return, so… great. I doubt much will be released on the film before next October, since the series is just going to rehash the same stuff as the successful previous films until that isn’t profitable anymore. It worked for Saw!


Yeah, close your eyes and then have someone drop something really loud next to you, then have them slowly open a creaky door on the other side of the room. Then have them fling excrement in your face.

Who’s It For?

Likely R.


Just imagine a less scary version of the night vision parts of Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

Movie Release Date

October 21, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Possible Katie Featherston. Playing a character named… Katie.

Related Movies

No film is related to Paranormal Activity 3. It is a film that stands apart from all others that have come before and will come after it. How awesome would that be?

What’s Good About It?

Admittedly, I was a little scared by the second, but…

What’s Bad About It?

I wasn’t so excited by it to see the second, cause it was the same movie. I don’t see a need for a third…

Our Clever Prediction

Which doesn’t mean it won’t make money. In fact, I’d bet around $150 million for this one too.

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