Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer


The Paranormal Activity 2 trailer is now online, and it’s just chalk full of new teases and uncomfortable moments that should get your anticipation level pumped up. Just to clear up a few things though, Paranormal Activity 2 isn’t going to be in 3D as previously rumored, and it does appear they jumped the shark with this franchise.

Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

Is this movie trailer too scary for movie theaters ? lol, that’s what the buzz is about today, but hang on a second. First of all, this was the entire marketing scheme for the first movie, and it will be for Paranormal Activity 2. Remember the quotes like ‘You Demanded It’? Well, they are doing the same thing here with the sequel, and Yahoo! is in on the game now. We demanded it? You mean, you wouldn’t have delivered this movie to the theaters unless we demanded it? So is this ‘our’ movie? Can we get some of the 100 million we helped generate then?

The truth is, one movie theater in Texas pulled the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 because it did bother the younger kids checking out the new Twilight movie. That’s it though, and the hype machine is in full swing already. Well, onto the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer now ….

lol, so you get the idea about Paranormal Activity 2. More corny camera angles, and shit flying at the camera at unsuspecting moments. Just remember, ‘You Demanded The Sequel’ ….

Paranormal Activity 2

Check out our full coverage on the next Paranormal Activity movie for the rest of the film details.

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  1. This movie was freakin awsome and i can’t wait until part 2 comes out. When i saw the first part i could not sleep for a week i was so freaking scared to even turn off the light in my room. These are the best horror movies in my opinion because they dont have all the special effects like all the others.

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