One for the Money (2011)


One for the Money tells the story of Stephanie Plum, an out of work lingerie buyer who starts to work with her brother as a bounty hunter. Cause that’s realistic.

Stephanie Plum is charged on her first assignment with tracking down a police officer on the run for murder. The twist? The cop is the same man who broke her heart years before.

What? Craziness!!!

Anyways, she teams up with the best bounty hunter around, Ranger. He’s the best because he has the stupidest name. Along the way, she meets a few hookers with hearts of gold, and learns what it really takes to be a good bounty hunter.


No trailer as of yet.


The Scoop

Director Julie Anne Robinson has had a long career as a theatrical director, with her one film being The Last Song, with Miley Cyrus as the lead. To be fair, she has directed a fair amount of TV shows, such as Weeds, Big Love, and Pushing Daisies, but I’m still going with her sucking.

Thankfully, they have Liz Brixius writing the screenplay, and she’s written everything from 24 episodes of Nurse Jackie to 1 episode of Insatiable, which never made it past the pilot. Wow. It’s like the film will suck. I wonder who the star is.

Katherine Heigl. Wow.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13.

Movie Release Date

TBA, 2011

Who’s In It?

Katherine Heigl … Stephanie Plum
John Leguizamo … Jimmy Alpha
Daniel Sunjata … Ranger
Jason O’Mara … Joe Morelli
Debbie Reynolds … Grandma Mazur
Sherri Shepherd … Lula

Interesting Fact

Based on the book series by Janet Evanovich. The movie is hoped to be the start of a franchise.

Related Movies

Domino, Dog (the Bounty Hunter), The Bounty Hunter, The Bounty

What’s Good About It?

Katherine Heigl has large boobs. That is it.

Okay, and it’s based on a successful book series. That may help.

What’s Bad About It?

This film is going to suck so hard it should have a porn name. Which I will now give it.

Hard Lee. (if asian)

Alotta Balls Sucked. (that one wasn’t even remotely clever)

Lady Ascot (that’s mine if you use childhood pet and street you grew up on. I think it means I have to do gay porn)

Our Clever Prediction

Killers didn’t do very well, and neither will this. Heigl no longer has Grey’s Anatomy to help promote her movies, and I don’t see her having that much drawing power. This film will rest entirely on her shoulders, and while she may think she’s a big star, she’s not.

Two thumbs down. A third thumb also down. Fourth and fifth thumbs way down. But then those two thumbs are always lower than the others.

Man, drinking before noon is fun.

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