One Day (2011)


One Day is an upcoming movie about a man and a woman who meet for the first time at their graduation and proceed to meet once a year for twenty years until they realize they’re meant for each other. I want to say it’s a horror, cause how awesome would that be? But it’s a romantic comedy. (*yawn)

One Day

Not a ton of details have been released yet on One Day, but the film is being directed by Lone Scherfig. That’s a woman. I’d have thought man, like the Lone Ranger, but no. She’s not a bad director, as her last film was An Education, that a few people might’ve seen, what with the nomination for an Academy Award and all.

One Day is based on the book by David Nicholls, who also wrote the screenplay, so for those of you who loved the book, the movie probably WILDLY diverges from the story, cause writers like to mess with people like that.

One Day Trailer

One Day Release Date

July 8, 2011. Limited release.


Who’s In It?

Anne Hathaway … Emma
Jim Sturgess … Dexter
Patricia Clarkson
Romola Garai … Sylvie
Jodie Whittaker … Tilly
Georgia King … Suki Meadows
Rafe Spall … Ian
Amanda Fairbank-Hynes … Tara
Jamie Sives … Mr. Godalming
Ken Stott
Matthew Beard
Sarah Jane O’Neill … Lady

What’s Good About It?

Talented director, Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, I hope there’s nudity. I also really like the poster. It’s cool. Makes me feel romantic. Ladies?

What’s Bad About It?

Probably less nudity than I’m hoping for. The concept also seems a bit boring. Seriously, we’re supposed to root for a couple that meet up once a year for 20 years and not hate them for not falling in love in the first place? Love is a beautiful thing, and sometimes only comes around once in a lifetime. You need to grab hold of it and hold on tight. Never let go. Heidi Klum and I would’ve been happy, but she said, “I’m going to go introduce myself to Seal.” And I was too self assured to ask her not to. Now look where I am. Drunk on a Monday afternoon, telling my internet bartender (you) all of my problems. What were we talking about?

Our Clever Prediction

One Day is currently only set for a limited release, which isn’t terribly surprising, as Lone Scherfig’s An Education would’ve been completely ignored by the masses if not for the Oscar nominations. The film will likely be good, but unless there’s some serious critical praise, most people won’t give a chance, and word of mouth will not spread.

Y’know, word of mouth sounds like a disease. Like herpes. Or as I like to call it, ‘My revenge on Heidi Klum and Seal.’

Too weird?


  1. They do not meet up once a year. They’re friends. But the book and presumably the movie Sort of “checks in” on them on the same day over various years.

  2. Not sure but I think they did this movie and it was an Oscar winner or nominated or something; it had acting legand Alan Alda and was great! Not sure if this one will be as good but we love a sappy love story (see The Notebook). Probably watch it on Bluray

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