Once Upon a Christmas Dream (2011)


Once Upon a Christmas Dream tells the story of two kids who go into a dream world where all of their dreams about Christmas are realized.

A young mother working as a writer who is recently widowed finds herself in need of a story as Christmas nears. Her two children fall asleep one night and awake together in a dream world, where everything they’ve ever thought about Christmas has come to life. When they awake, they find that their mother has found the story she is looking for.


No trailer yet.

The Scoop

This is the first film for writer/director Wayne Roberts, who cowrote the script with Christopher Antie, and this is his first time writing a feature film as well. Based on the concept and the lack of star power in the cast, I’m thinking this might be a direct to DVD release. Not much else has been released about the film.

Who’s It For?

Probably G or at most PG.

Movie Release Date

TBA November, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Krista Mankopf … Krista
Carol Lawrence
Richard Chamberlain
Victoria Justice
Michael Carbonaro
Kris Kristofferson
Sharon Gless

Interesting Fact

Kris Kristofferson is apparently NOT playing Santa, even though he looks just like him.

Related Movies

Jingle all the Way, Miracle on 34th St., Home Alone. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What’s Good About It?

The story sounds like a nice, if a bit boring, Christmas film. Hopefully it’ll have some quality moments and a few heartstrings will be tugged.

What’s Bad About It?

Pretty basic film, no star power, unknown writer/director. I have low expectations.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m probably dead on thinking the film will be straight to DVD, but you never know. Perhaps a trailer will come out that will blow my mind.

Probably not though.

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