Of Gods and Men (2011)


Of Gods and Men is a small film about Cistercian monks who stand up for their beliefs when confronted by fundamentalists.

There are eight French Monks living peacefully, but then some post-colonial tensions arise, and those monks show that all types of monks know Karate, including Cistercian. I should probably tell everyone that the film most likely won’t have any martial arts, but I don’t like any of you, so I figure raising your expectations will hurt you later.

There’ll be TONS of martial arts stuff. High kicks, karate chops. Eye gouging. Medical malpractice. TONS of martial arts stuff.


The Scoop

The film is written and directed by Xavier Beauvois, who has made soooooo many awesome films. I don’t recognize any of them. And they’re likely not awesome, as that’s a subjective term, and I don’t consider any of them awesome. So they’re really not awesome, unless YOU think they’re awesome.

This is like a magical moment between us. I can feel it growing.

“It.” (my wang)


No trailer yet.

Who’s It For?

R. But really, who isn’t it for? EVERYONE loves Cistercian monks.

Movie Release Date

February 25, 2011. Only in New York and LA.

Who’s In It?

Lambert Wilson … Christian
Michael Lonsdale … Luc
Olivier Rabourdin … Christophe
Philippe Laudenbach … Célestin
Jacques Herlin … Amédée
Loïc Pichon … Jean-Pierre

Related Movies

Man, too many to relate. How many films have I seen, just this WEEK with Cistercian monk? It must be forty. Maybe fifty.

What’s Good About It?

I like the concept. It’s different. It might be nice to just see monks who aren’t doing kung fu.

Not that they won’t be doing kung fu. They’ll be doing LOTS of kung fu. And Karate. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Cistercian monks were the karate ones, and they’ll be fighting the kung fu ones. MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!

What’s Bad About It?

I worry about the film having too many action scenes.

Our Clever Prediction

It’ll beat Avatar, and that’s WITHOUT 3D.

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