Nowhere Boy (2010)


Nowhere Boy tells the story of a young John Lennon as he struggles through his teenage years and starts that band he was in. You know, the one with those dudes. What was it called?

Oh yeah, Queen. Anyways, the story follows Lennon as he lives with his aunt, who is his primary maternal figure as his mother left him in her care as a child. He will eventually reconnect with his mother, learn to play guitar, meet Paul McCartney, and start making sweet music with a man.


The Scoop

The filmmakers chose, wisely, to film on location in Liverpool, with Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson playing John Lennon. Director Sam Taylor-Wood only has a few credits to her name, but a film that follows the early career of Lennon has to be good, right?

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

October 8, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Aaron Johnson … John Lennon
Kristin Scott Thomas … Mimi Smith
David Threlfall … Uncle George
Josh Bolt … Pete Shotton
Ophelia Lovibond … Marie Kennedy
Kerrie Hayes … Marie’s Friend
Angela Walsh … Schoolmistress

Interesting Fact

Star Aaron Johnson and director Sam Taylor-Wood are engaged and just recently welcomed their first child together, a baby girl on July 11, 2010. He’s 19, she’s 43. I guess I should be happy that if he’s going to have inappropriate sex with a female out of his age range, it wasn’t the little girl from Kick-Ass.

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Ray, Walk the Line, Dewey Cox, Cadillac Records

What’s Good About It?

Well, the soundtrack should be halfway decent, provided they get the rights to a few of his songs. Lennon was an interesting guy, his movie should be pretty good, although this isn’t the Lennon we all know, this is before he was famous, so who knows.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m a little burnt out on the musician biopics. I don’t really mind them for the most part, but after Ray it seemed like Hollywood was pretending to honor these great artists while really just cashing in.

Our Clever Prediction

Nowhere will there be success. Haha. I am awesome. I hope we see Lennon get an awkward erection during class. It’ll help me relate to him better. Not because that ever happened to me, it’s just that I can understand it happening. Don’t think about it.

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  1. Nice attempt at slipping Dewey Cox into a reference, like I’m not going to notice. I hated that movie so much…

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