New Year’s Eve (2011)


New Year’s Eve is a sequel to the hit Romantic Comedy Valentine’s Day, with the holiday switched from Cupid’s day to the start of the new year.

Next to nothing is known about the picture at present. It looks like the producers just want to bring back the same ensemble for the sequel, with the same director and writer. No plot details have been released, and there may not even be a script yet. It will likely follow the same format as Valentine’s Day, with a variety of people finding romance in different ways.



The Scoop

Katherine Fugate is said to be back writing the screenplay, and the studio is still trying to secure Garry Marshall to return to direct the sequel. No other news yet.

Who’s It For?

Valentine’s Day was PG-13, so New Year’s Eve should be the same.

Movie Release Date

December 9, 2011.

Who’s In It?

The studio wants to original cast back, but none appear to have signed up yet, most of the cast was:
Jessica Alba … Morley Clarkson
Kathy Bates … Susan
Jessica Biel … Kara Monahan
Bradley Cooper … Holden Wilson
Eric Dane … Sean Jackson
Patrick Dempsey … Dr. Harrison Copeland
Hector Elizondo … Edgar
Jamie Foxx … Kelvin Moore
Jennifer Garner … Julia Fitzpatrick
Topher Grace … Jason
Anne Hathaway … Liz
Carter Jenkins … Alex

Interesting Fact

Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are two days of the year with some of the highest suicide rates. Happy thoughts.

Related Movies

Valentine’s Day, The Prince and Me, He’s Just Not That Into You

What’s Good About It?

Admittedly, I never saw Valentine’s Day, but from what I understand of it, it was a nice film that proved feel-good for those who did watch it. Plus, it had both Jessica Alba and Biel in it.

Hot broads does it for me.

What’s Bad About It?

The concept of New Year’s Eve just sort of pisses me off. It’s just a terrible example of some of the worst things that movie studios do these days.

Our Clever Prediction

If this happens, and it’s still early enough to hope it doesn’t happen, I expect New Year’s Eve to make roughly the same money as the first. It’s not like fans are really going to get angry that the studio is cashing in on the first. These films are made solely for monetary gains, with no artistic value.

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  1. The Cast Includes:
    -Julie Andrews
    -Jake T. Austin
    -Halle Berry
    -Jessica Biel
    -Abigail Breslin
    -Ice Cube
    -Robert De Niro
    -Josh Duhamel
    -Zac Efron
    -Hector Elizondo
    -Carla Gugino
    -Katherine Heigl
    -Jon Bon Jovi
    -Greg Kinnear
    -Ashton Kutcher
    -Christine Lakin
    -John Lithgow
    -Seth Meyers
    -Lea Michele
    -Alyssa Milano
    -Sienna Miller
    -Frankie Muniz
    -Sarah Jessica Parker
    -Sara Paxton
    -Michelle Pfeiffer
    -John Stamos
    -Til Schweiger
    -Hilary Swank
    -Sofia Vergara
    Don’t Know If Andrews, Cube, Elizondo, Kinnear, Lakin, Lithgow, Ludacris, Milano, Miller, Muniz or Schweiger are Official…But I forsure know that the others are official 🙂

  2. thats the cast for valetines day not new years eve

    i think there is

    Michelle Pfieffer
    Zac Efron
    Abigail Breslin
    Jake T Austin…

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