New X-Men First Class Pictures and news


I found some new pictures for the upcoming X-Men movie in 2011. These new X-Men movie pictures are pretty cool, I already have a crush on January Jones, who is played by Emma Frost.

X-Men First Class Pictures

I’ll keep adding to our gallery as the X-Men First Class pictures come out. We have a full preview on the new X-Men Movie, check out our full coverage, or you can check out all the X-Men news stories here. Notice the cute little white outfit on January Jones. Also, check out the pictures of the beach crash and all the mutant planes. Is that Cyclops on the beach? 

[nggallery id=67]

X-Men News

Also noteworthy for the 2011 X-Men movie, is Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Lawrence are 100% in the movie, unlike the rumors going around about them. Bacon is playing Sebastian Shaw. Shaw possesses the ability to absorb kinetic energy and transform it into raw strength. What? Yeah, I’ve never been able to figure out his powers either, but it goes something like this :

Kinetic Energy For Nerds

Jennifer Lawrence will be the young Raven Darkholme and Mystique. Mystique? Yes, check out what the young Mystique looks like :

Jennifer Lawrenc
Jennifer Lawrenc in X-Men First Class


  1. Toni: Good god. She does not look like that in Winters Bone.    

    ‘Winter’s Bone’ would be the great name of a porno.

  2. Brian,

    Are you sure? I had several pictures of a young Cyclops from the X-Men movie… why would he even be in the Wolverine movie?

  3. The young cyclops pictured is a scene from the Wolverine Movie. Cyclops will not be in First Class. I fixed it. Let’s not let any of the suck from that film ruin this potentially good film. You’re welcome.

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