New Trailer for The Rite!


I have to admit. I’m pretty excited for this film. I’m sure it’ll be made a bit too Hollywood, but the real life exorcist stuff really freaks me out.

I was raised really Roman Catholic, and while I’m a Scientologist now, those childhood lies my parents told me really affected me. How ridiculous to think of a God and devil. You realize how much smarter you are when you accept that aliens live in Volcanos. The only downside of Scientology is that I have to use Tom Cruise’s semen as creamer for my coffee.

Anyways, the scariest thing in the book and movie of The Exorcist was that the priest went through all the medical and psychiatric stuff first. You could tell he didn’t want to believe what was going on. That made it all the more real to me.

So what’s the Deal?

The Rite is supposed to be based on a real story, and the trailer plays up the real life aspects of it, and has another priest who doesn’t believe in demons. Sounds good.

The Rite Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for The Rite here.

Is it weird that it looks like I’m saying it’s the ‘right trailer?” Totally weird, right?

Also, off topic, I’m in a cafe right now and I’m not sure if the young woman sitting near me is pregnant or just fat. She’s not a whale or anything, but there’s a lot of weight right in the midsection. Would it be wrong for me to poke her stomach? Just to see if there’s a baby in there. I’ll let you know in the comments.

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  1. It was a bad idea. She’s pregnant, and fat.

    And mad. So very mad.

    I hope I didn’t poke the baby too hard. I wouldn’t want her to have a miscarriage. It’s almost like I’m a horrible person.


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