New trailer for Biutiful


It’s just soooo biutiful.

Is it odd that I think of the title as sounding like ‘bootiful?’

So what’s the Deal?

Biutiful is getting a lot of critical praise, and this latest trailer does look pretty damn good. I’m guessing it isn’t an exaggeration to say Javier Bardem will be up for an Oscar. Just look at the Poster!

Such Emotion. Such tired eyes and bad facial hair. Now THAT is acting!

Biutiful Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Biutiful here.

Lady Gaga?

I didn’t know Lady Gaga is in this film. Look at the beak on the girl in this pic:

That is definitely her massive nose. Have you ever seen her music videos? She usually looks straight at the camera, cause if she looks from the side you can see the size of it. Monstrous.

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