New Thor Movie Images


Just a quick update on a new image for the upcoming ‘Thor’ movie, coming in 2011. Not sure what you’ll think, but this looks sort of cheesy folks. Anthony Hopkins is pictured below, as Odi, and well.. I’m not all that impressed so far.

Thor Images

It’s not that I’m completely writing off the movie, but this early production images makes Thor look a little corny. It reminds me of the early Superman movies, the set design is really lame so far.

'Thor' Movie Image
'Thor' Movie Image

Check out the rest of the upcoming ‘Thor’ movie details, where we also add to our gallery.

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  1. I think this is just a first workprint? There is no way Anthony will be acting in a movie that surrounds the Gods of the old if it doesent have the budget.. Give thme some time.. I´m sure this movie will be a Hell of A ride

  2. I feel you are being a little pessimistic about the Thor movie.

    Hemsworth and particularly Hopkins are starting to look the part although the costumes looked plastic-y in that first shot of Odin, Loki, and Thor together.

    The Throne Room image looks impressivem if perhapds a little sterile.I can hardly wait to see the Thor movie.

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