New Mission Impossible 4 Pictures


Tom Cruise personally sent me some new Mission Impossible 4 pictures, because he loves me, we go back a long ways.

Well not really, but I feel he was part of my youth since I grew up watching Risky Business, and tried to get an escort shortly after seeing my idol Tom Cruise do so in the movie.

Shortly after, I bought a leather jacket with Navy / Air Force patches all over it, and a Ninja 600. The chicks never flocked to me as I was most certain they would, damn you Tom Cruise.

In Mission Impossible 4, also known as MI4, Ethan Hunt is back, saving the world one more time. Tom Cruise began filming scenes for “Mission: Impossible IV” in Prague, Czech Republic on September 29th. The movie also stars Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner.

Mission Impossible 4 Pictures

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